Central Coast Kitchens & Cabinets

Central Coast Kitchens & Cabinets

Award-winning Kenross Kitchens is a Central Coast kitchen designer and manufacturer that specialises in creating beautiful innovative and contemporary kitchens, wardrobes, laundries, and bathroom cabinets and vanities.
From inspiration to installation, our team of kitchen designers, builders and installers will work collaboratively with you to create the perfect kitchen space or laundry. We pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship and advise you on all aspects of your kitchen design, from initial design to choosing colours, styles and materials.

Come and visit us at our industry-leading Hafele Studio Partner stylish and professional showroom located in Erina.

Our professional showroom features state-of-the-art design and manufacturing capabilities, boasting the largest range of custom kitchens to suit any budget and style.

All you need is a vision, idea or thought!
Kenross Kitchens will assist you in designing and creating your perfect setting to match your lifestyle needs.

Our Process

A kitchen is a special place. It is where we prepare a good meal, entertain, and make memories, all in one place. At Kenross Kitchens, we like to add a unique twist to an already cherished spot by offering sleek, modern, and traditional designs.

Initial Concept Discussion

Our team at Kenross Kitchens will have an initial discussion with you to understand your wish list for your new kitchen. In this discussion we will talk about your budget so we can advise accordingly to keep the kitchen design within budget. We will also discuss concepts and materials including bench tops and cabinetry.


We accurately measure everything in your kitchen, ensuring we double check measurements. Our award-winning designers will come up with a vision or design concept for a kitchen that looks, feels and performs right for you. We will also chat to you about the problems with your present kitchen as well as how you want to use it.


We conceptualise the design and layout, including the arrangement of the kitchen appliances and cabinets. We ensure you have adequate working space and the layout is methodical and will work with your overall kitchen design. We can make any modification until you are satisfied.

Create Design Plans

We create plans and renders to provide you with a realistic representation of how your new kitchen will look. From big changes like redesigning the layout to small details like where to place an electrical outlet on the island, we plan everything in great detail to ensure no mistakes are made. Once you are happy and sign off on the design we can get started.

Award Winning Kitchen Design

Call us today to start your dream kitchen

Modern Kitchen Design & Manufacturing company

Kenross Kitchens designs kitchens to suit the needs of today’s modern family, blending design and functionality with a seamlessly crafted finish.

The modern kitchen is, as its name suggests, extremely advanced. It is composed of a number of significant elements, including the layout, cabinets, worktops, and appliances, but it is also very attractive. Every square inch must work harder to accomplish everything we need.

The latest kitchen designs are spacious, practical, clean, and simple with understated sleek lines and subtle details. The majority of appliances are built-in, so every inch of space in the kitchen is utilised. The kitchen countertops in these designs are minimally cluttered, because there are lots of cleverly hidden storage locations. In addition to being fashionable and efficient, Kenross Kitchens modern designs are stylish and streamlined with smart characteristics and functional designs to make life simpler.

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